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Erika,16, Canada,
Music and food are my only true friends. I tend to fangirl a lot... I was definitely born in the wrong generation. Singing and dancing is my therapy. I'm a bit of a comic book geek and Spiderman is the love of my life. Feel free to ask me whatever your heart desires | God | Family | Hockey | Nature | Fitness | Literature | 50s&60s |
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No, fuck you. I was worth it.


omfg i just want someone in my life that i can talk to all the time, about anything and everything under the sun. i dont even necessarily want a girlfriend but i need someone in my life that will actually stay and not give up on me once they see how utterly terrible i truly am.. im so tired of everyone walking out on me when i need them most..

do true friends actually exist anymore??

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Becoming a cold hearted bitch wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am

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1. Do not say “I love you” if you do not mean it.
2. Do not date someone just to make another person jealous.
3. Do not cheat.
4. Do not lie, not even about little insignificant things.
5. Do not date someone just because someone else is unavailable at the moment.
6. Do not play with someone’s emotions.
7. Just be a decent fucking person.

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Fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do.

I want to be someone’s favorite person to talk to.

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